Welcome To the Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion website!

The Reunion will begin on the third Friday of JUNE.

This year's reunion will be held on: JUNE 21-23, 2019.

Remember, this is YOUR Reunion, The staff members are on-board because they want YOU to enjoy yourself each year. The Staff Contact Page is your easiest method of making direct contact with any staff member. Just click on the name and his/her info will pop up. The rest is up to you; just keep it mature and business like.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends,
fellow veterans, and our vendors, for coming out.

Once again, Thank You for your idea's, keep them coming in!

Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion
2640 S Everett
Wichita, KS. 67217

JUNE 21-23, 2019

This year's reunion theme is:

To Be Announced
Welcoming all Veterans home.

Two websites for your enjoyment:  www.kvfr.us or www.ksvetsreunion.org.

Entrance costs: Wrist bands $5.00 for 12 and older plus lake fees. Bring Military ID, VA ID or DD 214 for free lake access.

We have donation incentive items at the reunion. Tickets available, contact staff on the staff page.

Thank you to all that attended and supported this last year reunion. Always remember that this reunion is “your” reunion. We strive all year long to plan an event you all would enjoy but we are always open to ideas for improvements. As you all know, the money we bring in is put back into the reunion and every year we donate a part of our proceeds to veteran’s causes. We are ready for the 2019 Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion. We are striving to ensure we once again have an enjoyable and memorable reunion. In an effort to save money, we send you an email or a post card to those without, but will keep you posted on these websites or on Facebook. If you have any ideas you would like to see implemented, please contact one of the staff and your ideas will be presented. The live bands are waiting to tune up and there will be an awesome USO show for your enjoyment. We look forward to seeing all, and if you know a veteran or family member of a veteran that has never been out…bring them along. In closing, thank you once again for your support and look forward to seeing you all again at Veterans Point this JUNE. Need not be a Veteran to enter or attend.
See you there.

Respectfully, I tender a hearty “Welcome Home” to my brother and sister Veterans.

David Burditt, Past President, KVFR